About Us

Trustworthiness and Sincerity

Myanmar One Plus Engineering Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading M&E company in Myanmar and although the company was established in 2018, our professional foreign engineering team members have ever worked in Taiwan and China for more than 15 years in mechanical and electrical engineering projects. They undertake projects including the design, supervision, fabrication, installation and maintenance not only High-voltage and Low-voltage but also fire detection and suppression systems. We have a team of experienced and dedicated manager, engineers and supporting staffs with strong knowledge of the industry and market, highly motivated and eager for serve our clients. We provide up to date Technology, Innovation and Saving Plan is our aim and rendering the Satisfaction and Glorification is our Service and Quality. We undertook several large scale projects ,such Shoe , Garment , Information Technology , Wood Furniture , Foods , Paper Packaging , Logistic industries and high rise building in Myanmar since 2014. We are integrating M&E Joint-venture Company and we are looking forward to fulfill your requirement in the near future. The life care of employee and family is our responsibility and vision to step in advance with the rapid growing economy of Myanmar and living standard.

忠誠 信實

緬甸億合工程股份有限公司,在緬甸是一個具有領導地位的機電工程公司,雖然公司剛正式註冊於2018年,我們的外籍專業工程師團隊已經在台灣與中國的機電工程領域擁有25年豐富工作經驗,他們曾經手過的工程,無論高、低壓電氣設備,消防設施,包含設計、監督、製造、安裝及後續保養維修。 我們的團隊不僅有工作經驗及專業經理人員,工程師以及訓練有素之工作團隊,在工業及市場方面有豐富專業知識,同時亦非常重視客戶售後服務。 隨時更新技術、創意及為客戶提供合理的預算節約方案皆為我們主要目標,對於客戶的滿意及讚美就是我們所追求的品質與服務標竿。 在緬甸,我們曾經手過之大型專案,含蓋範圍有:鞋廠、成衣廠、資訊產業、木材家俱工廠、紙材包裝、物流倉庫管理及高層大樓的機電與消防工程。 我們是個專注發展機電工程的合資公司,希望亦能夠滿足您未來的需求。 本企業不僅確保員工個人福利,隨著緬甸急速發長的經濟水平,進一步對家庭的保障,也是公司急欲達成的目的。